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Sell Your Visual Art

Are you a visual artist or photographer interested in selling your images? In case you didn't know, there are web sites that can easily put your artwork on T-shirts, mugs, posters and more for no upfront costs.

The most prominent of these sites is In addition to clothing, stickers, magnets and housewares, Cafe Press has also gotten into producing books and audio CDs for its vendors.

Another site competing in this category is, which also creates custom T-shirts, mugs, cards, prints, and even real U.S. postage with your image.

These sites offer a good way to get your feet wet selling your visual creations online. They make it easy to set up a sales page and process orders for you. However, note that if you seriously want to make decent money -- especially if you start to build a fan base and steady sales -- you will be better off producing your own products in bulk through a traditional printer and taking orders on your own site.

The profit you can make through Cafe Press and Zazzle is generally not enough to sustain a full-time artist -- unless you are really racking up huge sales numbers. But if you are a novice at online sales, they offer a no-cost, easy way to get started selling your art online.

Happy selling!



  • After you get your feet wet and you're ready to create and ship your own stuff, check out Etsy. It costs nothing to setup your own shop and they only take 3% of each sale. They're in beta (like every Web 2.0 company), but they have some revolutionary ideas.

    I also recommend (almost demand) every artist register a memorable domain name! I use GoDaddy and they make it extremely easy to route your url anywhere.

    Shameless CafePress store plug (and educational example of domain name routing): Inner Evildoer warning: borderline cringe humour

    By Anonymous Brett Reagan, At 11:23 PM  

  • If you are a photographer or a designer we will be happy to promote your art at We print large canvases from your files on demand. We can also print for you and for your show for a fraction of the price of other providers....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:42 AM  

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