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New Full-Time Author Squidoo Lens

Have you heard of Squidoo? It's a cool new site described as an "online platform that makes it easy for anyone to build lenses on any topic they are passionate about."

These "lenses" are basically single web pages, hosted on the Squidoo site, that offer a unique, human perspective on things that interest the Lensmaster -- the person who created the lens.

Becoming a Lensmaster can help you spread your ideas, get recognized for your expertise, and send more traffic to your web site or blog.

I'm no dummy, so I just set up two of my own lens:

Check them out. And consider creating your own Squidoo lens on your special area of creative expertise. Make it a useful resource, while also directing surfers to your other sites and places where they can sample your talents.


P.S. Squidoo is one of the 33 social networking sites I list in a bonus section of my new MySpace Music Marketing ebook.


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