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Your Search for Meaning

I want to share some awesome and inspiring ideas I found in an article by Brandon Iurato called "What's Your Why?"

First off, he writes about the importance of finding meaning in our lives:

"Without meaning, there is no internal motivation or reason to take action, and depression sets in. Without meaning, we don't feel alive. That's why it is so valuable to set goals."

With a goal, a purpose, a reason to create ... you will gravitate toward taking the steps to transform your ideas into reality. That's exactly how all great music, art and literature come into being.

"Deep within you, you know what you are designed to do. There is a voice, a feeling, a sixth sense that tells you. We all have experienced the feeling that things would unfold in a particular direction, for a particular reason."

Call it destiny or fate or your true calling. Whatever name you give it, it's your job to pay attention and recognize your ideal creative path. Sadly, most people don't. Iurato also writes, "I believe that all of us 'know' our calling. We just fail to NOTICE."

How do you notice?

"Our interests and impulses are messages we should listen to. Follow your gut instinct. As Emerson said, 'Desire is possibility seeking expression.'"

Iurato suggests that, if something fascinates or fulfills you ... take notice. Continue to play with the activity and see how deep your natural interest and excitement about it is. This fascination just might be your natural purpose calling you.

Search for your meaning and uncover your Why. You'll be a lot more content and satisfied if you do.



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