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Your Search for Meaning - Part 2

In part one of this post, I covered the importance of finding meaning and being aware of your true calling. Now let's examine the all-important role of artistic contribution.

Here are Brandon Iurato's thoughts on this topic:

"Your job is not to fully understand the world, but simply to enhance it. Make it better because you were here. Whether that be through an entertaining performance, a beautiful sculpture, a simpler solution, a kind gesture, or a global movement. Grow where you are planted and branch out to connect with and help others."

Brilliant. The most meaningful artistic accomplishments are created in the service of others. Sure, you can get personal satisfaction from writing a poem or painting a picture that you alone see. But your craft takes on much greater meaning when you share it and enrich the lives of others.

Another great concept from Iurato:

"The key to tapping your growth potential is beginning the process. Take the first steps; act on your impulses. Find ways to enhance the world through your actions. Don't start by looking at yourself, start by looking around you. What are you concerned about? How would you change the world if you could?"

Here lies one of the big keys to finding meaning in your creativity. If you're not happy with the current slew of murder mysteries being published, write and publish your own. Not thrilled with the state of rock music? Create your own brand of better rock and get it circulating. Does the artwork at local galleries bore you? Paint a better picture.

And, most importantly, get started doing it. Don't wait. Stop putting it off. Do something. Anything. And do it now!


P.S. For more inspiration along these lines, read some free sample chapters from Unleash the Artist Within.


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