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The Essence of Ambition

What does it really take to succeed? Do you ever wonder whether you've got the drive and thick skin to endure? This piece of insight might help soothe your doubts ...

Last fall, Laura Cantrell (a buzz-making country-folk artist signed to Matador Records) was interviewed by an unlikely media source: Psychology Today magazine.

Here's how she answered the question "What drives you to succeed?" ...

A few years ago, I remember playing music at home by myself on the weekend and thinking, "Why not try getting on Grand Ole Opry? How hard could it really be?" Maybe that's a blend of naivete and hopefulness and some faith in yourself. I feel that I haven't had any drive beyond the "it's worth a shot" impulse, but that impulse has been very strong for me, even when success seemed pretty unlikely.

There's a lesson for us all here. Success doesn't only come to those who doggedly pursue a creative career and bulldoze through every obstacle with the pit bull enthusiasm of an infomercial announcer.

Sometimes, all it takes is three simple qualities:
  1. Naivete -- not being aware of all the hardships that others so easily buy into.

  2. Hopefulness -- an optimistic attitude toward what's possible.

  3. Some faith in yourself -- knowing that success does come to certain new artists; why not you?


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