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In case you haven't heard, 2006 is the Year of Internet Video, a subject I covered in a recent post on my Music Promotion Blog.

The way I look at it, I am not simply an author. My mission in life is to empower musicians, writers, artists, and other creative people. Books are one vehicle I use to get that message out. But I also use whatever methods are available to communicate, including a web site, this blog, a podcast, public speaking, and now online video.

Want to see my first foray into using streaming video to educate and inspire creative people?

Just click the play button, give it a spin, and let me know what you think:

Feel free to share this video with your friends. You can send them to this page, of course, or go to and see the many options you have to share the clip -- and even embed it into your own web site.

FYI ... online video doesn't have to be flashy or expensive. I used a cheap home karaoke machine-type microphone to record the audio portion, and Windows Movie Maker to edit the video. Movie Maker comes free with the XP operating system. I love technology!

How might you use online video to promote what you have to offer?



  • Bob, I love your book and website, and recommend it heartily to my students just starting to discover the self-brand they want to offer this world -- but you asked for feedback and here it is.

    The reason why you may not have received any comments so far on this piece is that is it lukewarm in its current state.

    Great voiceover. Awesome content. Motivational message. But the visuals are little more than moving PowerPoint-ish slides, which as you probably know are the bane of may professionals' existence. I realize this was a prototype. But as a prototype speaking to a creative audience it either needs more oomph in the visual illustration department, or just to be stripped down to audio alone. I got nothing from the visuals, everything from the impassioned audio.

    Looking forward to your further experimentation...

    By Anonymous PixelPixie, At 4:38 AM  

  • Bob
    The creative world is indebted to you. I am a music professional (25 years), and I would to God that someone like yourself would've been around to motivate, inspire, and inform me back in the lean years. Everything you say is on the money, bro - and we appreciate you.
    A short message to PixlePixie (the premadonna putz): go get yourself a hobby. If Bob produced it on 8mm film, with a cassette recorder, it would've sufficed.
    OK, that out of the way. Thanks Bob. You're a real asset to the industry...

    By Anonymous NashvilleMan, At 7:59 AM  

  • Hey Bob, I came across that Be, Do, Have philosophy before in one of the "Conversations With GOD" books. But that's good, cause I'm one of those types that has to here something more than once before I put it to use. Thanks for the reminder.
    And as far as the visuals were concerned, I had my eyes closed through most of it visualizing about how I would Be and what I would Do. Wasn't that the point?

    By Blogger Cameron "Damn" MacDonald, At 1:19 AM  

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