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Not-So-Silent Bob's Indie Film Bonanza

I don't know what's going on this year, but I seem to be attracting more opportunities in the film world. First there was my appearance in the Beatle Bob documentary trailer. Then a music video for my song "Sin Is On Your Face."

Now a QuickTime video of On the Road with Ian Jejune, a 48 Hour Film Project piece I co-wrote and acted in this year, was just posted. Watch it here. (Yes, I'm the nerd character ... and no, it's not type casting.) The guy playing Ian is Lee Mueller, who produced the "Sin" music video.

Coming soon is Heidi Meets Death, in which I play Death -- but not with the predictable Grim Reaper vibe. Heidi is played by my friend Erin Marie Hogan. Check out some early screen shots here.

Don't worry. I'm not going to trade being an author to pursue acting. After years of doing theatre as a hobby, I'm just exploring my creativity, feeding my soul, and having a blast doing it.

Hope you're doing the same thing -- in your own special way.



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