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I Want My Bob TV

This just in ... My first-ever music video is available for your viewing and listening pleasure.

I say "viewing pleasure" with hesitation, because I cringe every time I see myself in this. Hopefully, your response won't be so unnerving :-)

My longtime pal Lee Mueller produced this video for a film editing class he took this past semester. It's to an original song I wrote and recorded last year called "Sin Is On Your Face." The girl in the video is our theatre friend Liz Landeau.

Enjoy. And thanks to Lee and Liz for their generous work on this!

You can also view the file at Google Video.


  • Hey Bob,

    Great song, hope we hear more from you.

    Great video too! Congratulations to EVERYONE involved.

    Keep it up, you're an inspiration to folks and prove you can make it in whatever you choose to do. - Russ

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:46 AM  

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