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Just Stop It Already!

Are you feeling fearful about the state of the economy and sky-high gas prices, and how they are affecting your creative and artistic pursuits?

Here's an inspiring, in-your-face message from Joe Vitale that might shake some sense into you.

I first spoke with Joe in 1995 when we was a copywriter and marketing guy in Dallas (who also played a little music). Since then he's become an Internet marketing guru who now weaves a lot of spiritual and positive thinking messages into his work. He was one of the teachers featured in the book/movie The Secret.

Here's an email Joe sent out just today ...

Stop it!

Stop paying attention to the media.

Stop paying attention to the doom and gloom of anyone and everyone around. Stop getting sucked into being a victim.


You won't go anywhere buying into the cultural trance that there isn't enough and times are tough.

You won't accomplish your big goals, or do anything of real greatness, as long as you give in to outer circumstances.

You have to take back your power.

You have to take back your control.

You have to "awaken."

Recently I told a woman who was interviewing me that I was homeless and in poverty only as long as I stayed stuck in survival "thinking."

As soon as I put my mind on what I "wanted" to have instead, I began to shift and get better results.

This can happen for you, too. It took me ten years. You can do it in one weekend.

But you have to stop listening to the media paint a picture of darkness.

The media paints it by finding something dark to report on, whether it's true or not. You and others listen to it, believe it, and before you know it, you have "created" what the media painted.

They predict a recession before there actually is one.

But people believe the media, fall into fear, stop spending, and suddenly a recession is here.

This has to stop. And it can stop right now.

Break free from money worries.

Break free from job worries.

Break free from health worries.

Break free from love worries.

Break free -- PERIOD.

This great message was admittedly sent to promote Joe's Miracles Weekend event in September. But even if you take the event completely out of the picture, there's still a lot of power in his words.

So ... are you ready to STOP IT?


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  • You are just so correct. If you want drive yourself nuts, keep watching the news! Notice they hardly ever report all the good things happening throughout the world - and good things are happening everywhere, everyday.

    By Anonymous Doug Allitt, At 11:53 PM  

  • Yes Doug you are right news networks hardly report all the good things that are happening in this beautiful world. Some news casters sucks!

    By Anonymous busbytest, At 9:56 AM  

  • break free...

    I like it. ...heard something interesting on the radio today, think it applies. Goes something like "Im not afraid of nuclear melt downs happening because of whats going in Japan... Im not afraid of gas prices because of the news... these are risks out there that I know about weather the media tells me about it or not... and I plan accordingly..."

    been thinking about that all day, and then came across your site and read this. I think its all about being prepared and confident, and not having to pay attention to what the picture box tells us to think.

    Good post man.

    By Anonymous eric "evs" vansingel, At 10:14 PM  

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