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The James Brown, Don Knotts Publicity Blitz

Here's a great idea from Bill Stoller's Publicity Insider eZine:

In 1993, the citizens of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, held a vote and officially renamed a local bridge "The James Brown Soul Center of the Universe Bridge." [The Godfather] himself showed up at the naming ceremony and a good time -- and lots of media coverage -- was enjoyed by all.

Try something similar. Run a campaign to name a local street or hill or park after a celebrity, a local notable, or even a fictional character.

Start a petition to rename something that will never really be renamed (the state capitol, Google, a major league ballpark) after, let's say, Don Knotts. I guarantee, if you can get 25,000 web visitors to sign a petition renaming Shea Stadium to Don Knotts Field, you'll get a news story out of it!

How could you use this to get exposure for your art? Hmm ... What about the Borat Museum of Modern Art?



  • Hi Bob,
    Thanks for all the great advice :D

    This is an interview with Dick Dale about being your own boss.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:20 AM  

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