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Douglas Eby has been writing about creativity and interviewing artists, writers, actors and more for many years. Our paths first crossed back in my early Internet days in the mid to late '90s. His material is based on his personal interests and research into creativity, human development and positive psychology.

I recently discovered that Eby is still at it with several awesome web sites with many diverse sections. His main site, Talent Development Resources, is designed to explore the psychological and social issues that affect creatively gifted and talented people -- and to inform and inspire.

Eby explores a variety of topics related to multiple talents and giftedness. There are articles and interviews with artists, psychologists and others, plus talent areas such as writing, acting, filmmaking and visual arts, including pages on abuse and creative expression, healing and art, etc.

Sections on women and talent and teens/young adults explore similar topics from a slightly different angle.

One of the main themes of Eby's sites is how mental health issues, spirituality and other topics such as self-esteem and self limitation impact our ability to realize creative talents and achieve a higher level of self-actualization and personal meaning.

Do yourself a favor and spend some time with Douglas Eby and his vast creativity research.


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