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Art Bras Bring Attention to Women's Health Issues

This news item brings a whole new meaning to the National Endowment for the Arts. For a super example of creativity in action, take a gander at the art bra exhibition put on by the Way to Women's Wellness Foundation in Fountainville, PA.

Through all of the fun and snickers, there's a serious message. The foundation's mission is to "promote breast cancer awareness and women's health issues, beginning with the creation, marketing and exhibiting of a collection of Art Bras created by 12 American designers.

"It is our goal that the visual enjoyment of this collection may also bring attention and awareness to women's health issues. By using our creativity, we hope to inspire others through our art and support women who have experienced or may experience serious women's health issues."

Now that's a cause worth supporting (sorry for the pun). Not to mention a clever use of talent for a great cause.


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