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30 Minutes to Creative Success

You have creative passions, right? Artistic urges that need to be acted upon. But it's possible that you're not nurturing your talents (and yourself) as much as you could be. Can you relate?

Here are some ideas to help you nourish your creative soul, taken from Roger Haeske's article "Technique to Unleash Creativity and Self-Discipline." I've been doing a similar practice off and on for many years and find it extremely helpful in the pursuit and achievement of my goals.

Here are Haeske's core ideas mixed with some of my own thoughts:

Set aside a time each day for personal development. This can be difficult for many people with busy schedules, but if you can carve out a regular slot every day (preferable 30 minutes first thing in the morning), you will be rewarded immensely.

Make time to read or listen to motivating materials. Feed your mind with positive, empowering ideas. Listen to self-development CDs or tapes while you drive. If time is really tight, spend the first 10 minutes of your half hour personal development time to absorb this material.

Spend 10 minutes visualizing your goals. A clear picture of what you want in your mind is one of the most powerful tools you can use to reach goals. Visualization can set into motion a whole series of events that pull you toward your mental picture.

Write down your goals, dreams, desires and ideas. During your daily 30-minute sessions, put pen to paper and capture your thoughts. The act of writing adds a tangible reality to your intangible thoughts and aspirations.

Repeat present-tense affirmations of the goals you want to achieve. Act as if the things, people and states of being you desire already exist. The best affirmations also include a present-tense action verb, such as "I am enjoying my first gallery opening as a respected abstract artist."

Have a plan, but don't get too attached to the steps. It's important to be clear about what you want, but you won't always know exactly how you're going to get there. Yes, you should take action, but don't become so focused on the steps that you ignore other opportunities that might present themselves along the way. Be flexible with your action plans. Which leads to ...

Cultivate a mind that's open and prepared to receive. Opportunities and abundance abound. It's just that some people recognize that fact while others don't. Brush aside thoughts of scarcity and limitation. Operate from the assumption that good things are happening to you -- and all you have to do is take notice, accept life's gifts, and enjoy the ride.

Your mind and spirit are like the operating system of your life. Make sure you're using the most powerful, up-to-date, and virus-free system available.


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