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No Problem: Your #1 Source for Creative Solutions

I'm flattered that Curt Rosengren referenced this Artist Empowerment Blog a couple of times in recent weeks. If you haven't paid a visit to his Occupational Adventure blog, do so right away. Curt's focus is all about turning your passions into a career that lights your fire.

Today Curt touches on the subject of creative problem solving and points to a post by Stephen Pierce on the Innovation Blog. (Are you keeping up with all this cross-referencing?)

Here's an excerpt:

So, you have a problem that you need to solve quick. You have agonized over this issue for hours, days, months, or even years and you still can't resolve it. Well, don't worry, my friend; the answer is already within you. You simply need to call forth your creative energy in order to bring the answer into your focused mind.

When I read that introduction, I immediately liked the philosophy. Too many people have no clue that the answers, ideas, inspiration and grand opportunities they seek reside within them. It's all part of that "empowerment" theme I frequently discuss which you may have picked up on :-)

Stephen recommends seven steps to finding creative solutions. Here are the first three:

1. Visualize ultimate success. Don't dwell on negative thinking, for doing so will block your creative energy. Instead, you should always revel in the fact that the answer is already within you. You simply have to pull it forward from your creative mind. Visualizing failure will block your creative energy while visualizing success will bring it forward.

2. Be still and know that the answer is within you. There is absolutely no need to fear that the problem can't be solved. The answer will come to you if you stop worrying and take a more relaxed approach. Be quiet and still and allow the creative ideas to come forth. In addition, always be willing to just sit still and let your thoughts wonder freely.

3. Be patient. Don't rush the creative problem solving process. It sometimes takes a while for your creativity to solve a problem, so don't become frustrated if the problem isn't resolved right away. Instead, enjoy the creative process for what it really is -- an internal process -- and be open and receptive to allowing those new solutions to come forward.

Read the final four steps to creative problem solving here.

And always remember that your most potent secrets to success lie within.


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