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January Is International Creativity Month

I admit, it took me by surprise. It almost seems cruel to have the traditional holiday season be immediately followed by International Creativity Month. But that's exactly what January is. So let's celebrate!

I did a lengthy Google search and found many references to the observance but couldn't find a formal web site or info on how International Creativity Month started. But does it really matter? Any opportunity to recognize and inspire creativity in any form is welcome in my book.

So, in honor of International Creativity Month, here are several links to get your juices flowing:

Doug Hall and David Wecker, coauthors of "Jump Start Your Brain," host a radio show called "Brain Brew." It's described as a program that provides ideas and encouragement for turning dreams into reality.

You can listen to some recent shows at Hall's web site. Segment 1 has some excellent advice for an artist and a children's book author who called the show.

And here are five more links that cover creative thinking:
Enjoy yourself throughout January as you celebrate International Creativity Month!


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